New Beginnings

by Chris Luebkeman

As I reflect on my year, I am struck by the rapidly increasing complexity of the world in which we live. 2011 was a year of extremes and I can only imagine that 2012 will continue this trend. Change is constant, but the context of that change is variable.

These extremes were seen across all of our social, technological, economic, environmental and political systems and have global, regional and local implications which frankly seem daunting to face. Yet this is a rare circumstance in which we find ourselves – we are confronting significant global challenges to which we actually have ready solutions which need not be extreme. Solutions that could, can, and need to be acted upon at both an individual and a professional level.

It seems to me that the biggest barrier to action is overcoming the inertia of the ways things have ‘always been’ and the debilitating paralysis precluding action which seems to pervade every level of society. The time for endless discussion and debate truly has passed. It is now time for action. It is time for each of us to commit ourselves to a year of action; to make the changes that set us upon the path of being active participants in sustainable communities and sustainable futures.

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