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The future of architecture – Jet Chu

We asked ten architects – each of whom joined Make in a different year since 2004 – to write about how they see architecture and the built environment changing over the next ten years. Here is ex-Make partner, Jet.

Rebecca Woffenden
Jet Chu
Make Partner since 2010

China is a big country with a huge population. Lots of skyscrapers and high-rise apartment buildings are being built here at the moment and living vertically will soon be a normal way of life for many people. Because a building is such a large object and has to last for many years, it is really important how it is incorporated into the bigger picture of a community and a society. At this stage, most people in China are just paying attention to a building’s appearance, yet in the coming ten years it seems to me there are two other main areas to focus on.

The first is sustainable design and living green. People have a growing interest in and awareness of our impact on the planet and the environment. With new advancements in technology, we should actively use more natural and renewable energies in our day-to-day living, and so reduce our impact.

The second focus is that as more people move into high-rise living, it is important to think about how to rebuild a neighbourhood and a sense of community. In essence, the challenge is how can we bring the ground to the sky?jet-chu-quote

I think the future of architecture should incorporate both of these focuses – using high-tech ideas to provide a modern style of living that also minimises the impact on the environment. We are already working towards that goal but there needs to be much more force. A building is about four walls and a roof in the end. It all depends on how we use what we know to change the way we live for the better.

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The future of architecture – Bill Webb

We asked ten architects – each of whom joined Make in a different year since 2004 – to write about how they see architecture and the built environment changing over the next ten years. Here are their responses.

Bill WebbBill Webb
Make Partner since 2009

China is a metaphor for what has happened to the world over the last 100 years. Hyper-growth economically, institutionally and in the population, has called for the hyper-consumption of resources to feed this demand.

For the Chinese this offers opportunity. Firstly, the scale and projected development of the country as a whole means that even slight increments of change with regards to energy consumption, water use, choice of fuel and material procurement will have a fundamental global impact on us all. Secondly, this is a populace who are highly adaptive and open to change. The urbanisation of the last 20 years has left few Chinese citizens untouched and created a culture where the new – whether this be electric bicycles or building technologies – is quickly embraced as the status quo.

The changes that will affect our profession are the same as those that will affect all professional and manufacturing businesses in China. As predicted by Jim O’Neill, originator of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) acronym, there will be a shift from quantity to quality over the next ten years that will impact the built environment from the user upwards. Proven expertise in delivering high-quality buildings will be valued over the ‘bigger is better’ business model, and the consumer will become more sophisticated in what they demand from their built environment.

As information becomes more freely shared and architects begin to understand how to capture, curate and harness ‘big data’ – the information generated by our daily lives – so our products will become more nuanced, which ultimately means less waste.

Bill Webb quote

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